The Bears Are Coming!

Teddy Bear Sunday December 6

NEW bears or other NEW stuffed animal lovables can be dropped off at the front Hatcher House porch (closest to the street) now through December 6. Bears can also be dropped off during the Social Justice drive-by on December 6. For this year, no gently used animals will be accepted. We will be donating bears again to the Spartanburg Police Department and the Child Advocacy Center.

Thank you,


Wilde Hall Kitchen Update, Nov 2020


The professional trade work (Electrical, Plumbing, and Exhaust Hood) is nearly complete. Installation of cabinetry is planned for December 2020. Equipping with utensils, pots and pans, serving equipment, etc. is planned for 2021 by the Hospitality Committee (Pam Stoll, Chair).


Wilde Hall Task Force 2017-2018 that initiated the Kitchen Project: Pam Stoll, Karen Mitchell, Mary Miles, Linda Leibel, Jan Jerome, David Hudnell, Shane Wolcansek, Roy Haynes


Wilde Hall Elevator Campaign

Throughout all the challenges we have faced this year, your love has lifted us higher. Even while we haven’t been present physically, work on the church facility has continued. We are closing in on a major milestone: the Wilde Hall kitchen is almost complete! A special “Thank You” to the Wilde Hall Task Force and to every person who has made this a reality. The kitchen marks a transformation for our church. Now that groups can cook there, Wilde Hall will become a center not only for church life, but community life as well.

With the completion of the Wilde Hall kitchen, the Long Range Planning team and our Board would like to share plans to move forward with the construction of an elevator. The elevator would connect the physical heart of our building, creating safe, convenient movement between Wilde Hall and the Sanctuary foyer for us all…more…

Coming in SpringA Gift Registry to stock the kitchen in Wilde Hall

Email for more information.

Join our “Be a Good Neighbor” project, and Join the South Converse Neighborhood Association Pickup Morning on Saturday, November 28th.

Meet at 8 am (Pictures for the SCNA Newsletter taken then) at the small park at the bottom of the hill on South Converse Street, not far from UUCS. Pickup assignments are made then. Wear Masks, bring “grabbers” if you have them, and gloves. Trash bags are provided. The pickup is scheduled for 2 hours, but come even if you can’t stay the whole time.

It’s a great way to show our partnership with our neighborhood, and get in some outside time with a purpose!

Thank you!

If you can come, we meet at the small park at the bottom of the hill on South Converse StreetBring work gloves, trash bags are provided. It’s for 2 hours, but it’s fine if you need to step out early.

UUCS has long been a part of the South Converse Neighborhood. The South Converse Neighborhood Association has a monthly cleanup on the fourth Saturday of every month. UUCS Social Justice Committee decided to add our support every other month. Plan to meet at Park on South Converse Street, at the bottom of the hill of South Converse Street at 8:00 AM. The pickup lasts till about 10 am (or whenever you need to leave). It’s great to bring a pair of work gloves. Trash sacks are provided. Come, show our pride, and care for our church neighborhood! Thanks!

Curious as to what else is happening in the South Converse Neighborhood? Look on the ‘Community’ bulletin board in the Fellowship Hall for the current month’s posting of SCNA Community News(letter).

November 2020 Share the Plate Contribution

International Red Cross – Hurricane Eta – Emergency appeal by Central American Red Cross

This Emergency Appeal seeks 20 million dollars to enable the IFRC to support the Honduran, Nicaraguan, and Guatemalan Red Cross to deliver assistance and support the early recovery of the people affected by Hurricane Eta for 24 months, with a focus on the following areas of focus and strategies for implementation: Shelter; Livelihood and basic needs; Health (including Mental Health and Psychological Support); Water, sanitation, and hygiene; Protection, etc.

We decided that the November 15 & 22 Sundays, we’ll share the plate with victims of Hurricane Eta in Central America, through the work of the International Red Cross, which already has boots on the ground there. For more on their efforts, see

Donate to this month’s Share the Plate here:

Sunday, Nov. 22 Thanksgiving Service @ 11:00 am is next Hybrid Service

(Both In-Person and live-stream Worship Option)

As the pandemic surges again around us, it has become clear that we must both continue to practice stringent safety protocols to keep one another safe, and also connect with one another to sustain our emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being through the months that lie ahead. We must stay safe, and we must stay connected.

After extensive deliberation by the COVID committee, Worship team, A/V team, and our Board, we will offer an outdoor, socially-distanced, masked, in-person worship option this Sunday, Nov. 22 at 11:00am:

  • We will practice all of our safety protocols, meeting only outdoors, social distancing, wearing masks. (Please use the restroom before you come to the service!)
  • The service will also be livestreamed simultaneously at 11:00am at and
  • If weather is bad, we will cancel the in-person option and revert to our usual virtual-only service.
  • The service will be outside on the back lawn of the church grounds.
  • If you would like to attend, please bring your own chair or quilt and sit distanced from one another on the back lawn.
  • This will be a one-off event, modeled on the successful one-off events our congregation has held about once/month this summer and fall.
  • It is our hope to be able to offer this same kind of one-off, outdoor, socially-distanced, masked, in-person option with simultaneous livestreaming two other times this winter for:
    • our Dec. 21 Winter Solstice Service @ 6:30pm, and
    • our Dec. 24 Christmas Eve Service @ 6:30pm.

Join us, in-person or online, as we celebrate our Beloved Community together. Adaptability and teamwork will be our by-words, and we will give ourselves the grace to make adjustments whenever needed. Our goal is care, for one another and for our community. We can keep ourselves safe and also connected with one another through the months ahead.

Next Path to Membership Class January 10, 2021
Are you considering joining the congregation of UUCS?  Then the Path to Membership Class is the place to learn more about Unitarian Universalism and our congregation. The next Path to Membership Class will be held, Sunday, Jan 10, 2021, starting at 12:30. In-person or virtual to be determined.
If you are ready to learn more about UUCS please register by clicking the Path to Membership Class (link), or by sending an email to


UUCS Membership Committee



1st Friday, November 6th

The Launch of 1st Fridays and Our New UUCS Online Fundraising Tool


Each year, UUCS has hosted its annual Auction Event in early November. This has always been a time of great fun, good food, and lively bidding that supports the UUCS fiscal budget.

Because of the pandemic, this year’s Auction will look different.

This year we’ve decided to take this opportunity to create a revised vision for what the UUCS Auction can look like. The excitement of the auction has traditionally centered around one main event, on one night. This year, we’re taking a different approach. We’ll be releasing an updated monthly online catalog of services, events, and items for purchase. This will lead up to a main auction event in the Spring that will likely be an online version of our traditional main Auction.

Starting in November, we’ll be launching our Auction + Events fundraising tool on the UUCS website, allowing us to offer an easy way to organize items and allowing you to participate in the process from the comfort of your home. While you may browse the online catalog alone, the goal of the months ahead is to offer members and friends a platform to connect with one another, safely, while also allowing for your generosity to support the mission of our congregation.

In the months to come, each 1st Friday of every month, we’ll be releasing a newly updated list of virtual events, items for purchase, and services you can select and purchase directly through our fundraising tool.

We’ll be kicking off our first 1st Friday event coming up soon on November 6th. Stay tuned to your email and the UUCS website for more information.

We’ve purposefully planned for the initial offerings to be a sampling of the possibilities so that you can get a feel for the types of items, events, and services that could be offered. The hope is that you’ll be inspired to see how you can share your generosity, your talents, and your space with others while drawing on inspiration from past auction events. Each month, we’d love for you to add to our catalog of offerings as your schedule allows — by filling out a quick and easy online form. Together, we can all engage with other UUCS members and friends in a way that feels comfortable to each of us.

Please feel free to reach out to me at with any questions or ideas you may have for this new adventure.

Generous Blessings,

Brannon Carter
UUCS Stewardship Chair

For more information email with your questions.

*Donations submitted for auction are tax-deductible. Items and services purchased thru auction may not be tax-deductible (



Actually, there’s much more than that! Glendale Shoals at Lawson’s Fork Creek is a beautiful, nature conservancy, but long ago it was once a neighborhood dump. And now, when it rains, glass is unearthed and lies scattered about. This glass is a hazard to the human and animal visitors on the trail and to the creatures in the water.

One of our UUCS Social Justice goals this year is to partner with the South Carolina Aquarium’s Citizen Science Program. This month we’ll help pick up glass and litter at Glendale Shoals.

Glass Pickup Drop-In: Saturday, October 17 drop by the Glendale Shoals picnic area from 10 – 3 and pick up 50 pieces of glass. Buckets, grabbers, and some gloves will be available. If you have gloves, please bring them and plan on wearing a mask. You’ll get to see this amazing natural wonder and help promote its beauty.

Directions to Glendale Shoals: Address: 351 Broadway St., Glendale, SC

Park at the Goodall Environmental Studies Center. Cross the newly restored iron bridge. Turn left and walk the short distance along the road to the picnic shelter on the left.

Glass into Art Workshop: Stacey Jackson has ideas for us to recycle the glass into art objects (gazing balls, stepping stones, etc.). We’ll hold a workshop in the Hatcher House parking lot on Saturday, November 7th from 9:30 – 12:30. Work stations will be distanced and materials will be provided to create several works of art for our church and other local garden sites. Please bring gloves to this event. Space will be limited.

Register with Joyce Harrison:

Banner Update

Our four banners advertising early voting: at Spartanburg Memorial Auditorium (stolen after 12 days), UUCS, Mt Moriah Baptist Church, and Bunton Institute CME, on Wofford St. These big, clear banners are all well-placed to catch attention of the many people driving by.

Banner At Krispy Kreme

Our signs andVote Now Signs banners are in place advertising early voting at Spartanburg Memorial Auditorium from Oct 5-Nov 2, M-F, 8:30-5:00 plus Saturday, Oct 31st, 9:00-1:00. After the first day, votting is going smoothly, about 30 minutes in and out, a bit longer later in the day. Our banners are also up at UCS and at Mt Moriah Baptist Church.

After more than 10 years leading our music program and more than 300 Sunday services, our beloved Keith Plumley has decided it is time to step down from his role as Music Director at UUCS. Keith has organized and built up our choir, guided us all in singing week after week, and provided exceptional music through his own gifts and through a host of congregational and guest musicians for more than a decade. Irreplaceable, gentle, and the consummate gentleman, Keith will be sorely missed.

We will celebrate Keith’s ministry with us during the Thanksgiving service on Sunday, November 22. Keith has asked not to receive too much spotlight—but we will honor his faithful service.

When asked, Keith said the one gift he would like to receive from the church would be a scrapbook of memories, that he can return to read over the coming years. Please send photos, stories, and notes for Keith to Linda Leible via e-mail ( Handwritten notes can be written, photographed, and a jpeg e-mailed to be printed.

Please send by Friday, November 6.

Thank you for celebrating all Keith means to us!