Wilde Hall Kitchen Project

Modified on: June 4, 2020

UPDATE – June 2020

Our project to build a commercial-style kitchen in Wilde Hall (Lower Level) was kicked off almost 2 years ago. Our co-General Contractors are Linda Leibel and myself (Fred Stoll). Both the level of effort and the funding required have been significantly greater than initially envisioned, particularly due to a labyrinth of applicable building codes, and existing construction that was out of compliance. Various planning steps have required long periods of waiting. However the project remains alive, and considerable progress has been made. In March, the Board voted to suspend further expenditures on the kitchen in the face of COVID 19 uncertainty. However, a generous gift to the Wilde Hall Fund in April has allowed major work to continue.

June 2020 Wilde Hall kitchen update
White Hall Kitchen Helpers

Physical progress to date:

  • Preparation of wall cutout-for pass-through (Fred Stoll)
  • Vapor-sealing of outside walls (Rick Christian and John Tarrant)
  • Modifications to sub-floor drain pipe configuration (Sterling Craft Plumbing / Shane Wolcansek and Amanda Wolcansek)
  • Installation of 800 sq. ft. of hygienic wall paneling (Fred Stoll, Rick Christian, Bob Mitchell, Mitch Eisner, John Tarrant, Pam Stoll, Joyce Harrison, Fred Greer)
  • Decorative, non-slip epoxy floor coating (Roy Haynes and David Hudnall)
  • Reconfiguration of HVAC ducting (Fred Stoll)
  • Upgrade of electrical service between RE wing and Sanctuary wing (70% complete)
  • Initiation of installation of the large exhaust hood for the range/oven (pending approval of modifications by the city of Spartanburg)

Fred Stoll, Chair, Long Range Planning Committee

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