Stewardship: the generosity of giving and serving

STEWARDSHIP is the collective energy of resources. The sweet spot is where financial potential energy melds with the activation energies of passion, skill, and talent. Every role, every dollar; all ideas and strategies work together to power change and innovation.

When we share our gifts — each one of us sharing who we are and what we have to offer — gifts of time and energy and vision and resources, our gifts combine. Your gift fuses with mine and we can create something greater than us all. It is not the size or kind of gift that matters most, but the sharing — so that our gifts can connect and expand. We care, for one another and for our community. We do this together. Together, we can create the world we know is possible. In this spirit, let us share our gifts.

& Celebrating our Unsung Heroes

Join us for
Sunday, Jan 31st
12:30 PM

The live event link will be posted here. Stay tuned!

Click here to download the 2020-2021 Stewardship Campaign brochure

Dress up in your Sunday best. Grab your favorite drink. And join us on Zoom for a celebration of all we have accomplished this past year and in looking forward to all we have yet to do!

What Does Stewardship Look Like at UUCS?

UUCS Staff, Leadership, and Visioning
Your generosity to UUCS drives the mission and vision of our church. Together, we seek out new challenges, programs, and possibilities. The work is meaningful and we engage in always looking to the future. Growing leaders involves each of us being willing to be led and always learning ourselves. Joining hands together, your generosity of action combined with a heart of generous giving allows us to accomplish so much more together to drive us forward in love.

Community Engagement and Social Justice
We have seen tremendous growth and an outpouring of giving in so many ways. With your service, skills, and the collective gifts of our members and friends, we have come to the aid of so many families and individuals close to home and others across the U.S. The work continues to grow and your generosity will help us to broaden our reach, expand our efforts, and get help to those who need it most. Give today. Volunteer today. Change tomorrow!

Learning and Growing Together
Your generosity continues to pave the way for creative ways to connect with one another. Our beloved community grows best when we work together, serve together, and strive to become our better selves together. Online, in-person, and working towards larger gatherings again together; these all offer us opportunities to explore, contemplate, and bring our thinking and understanding of each other and our world to new heights.

Facilities and Creative Spaced
A home is where the heart is… and a church is both the people and the space where people gather. We need both! Reaching out to our community and our world first involves meeting, planning, coordinating, learning, and gathering all the tools and supplies. Generous giving literally supports the structures that allow acts of generous service to flow. Join us in building the tangible things which springboard us into cultivating the spirit of diversity, power, and love that dismantle violence and oppression.