Widening, Until the Circle Is Whole

“Fullness implies the widening into space, …still further widening,..widening until the circle is whole.” (Lao-Tse) What is this power, within us and reaching out beyond us, by which we at once become more ourselves and also give ourselves away; by which we transform the world?

Stacking the Odds for A Good Life

In the past few decades, we’ve learned more and more about how pregnancy, birth and the first few months of life are crucial to lifelong health and wellness. Nurse-Midwives Gibby Cates and Ruth Stanton share stories and observations from their years of experience helping to bring new lives into the world and give them the best possible chances.

More Food For Thought

In this service, we will look at cooking and recipes for success in daily living. Our goal is to cook up a good service filled with tempting morsels of thought and praise. We are pulling together savored ideas from a few members of the congregation who will share their kitchen creativity to tempt you and make you think about what is on your plate. Bon Appétit!