To help you navigate the communication needs at UUCS, communication and publicity methods are outlined below for your reference.
Postings for all the Happenings, Unison, and Website can be submitted to with the words “Unison”, “Happenings”, or “Website”,  as appropriate, in the subject line.
  • The Happenings (Thursday) is a weekly e-publication meant to inform Friends and Members of the week’s calendar, personal joys and concerns of our members and friends, and new events to plan ahead for.  Deadline for submission is by 11 pm on Tuesday; posts to the Happenings should be 50 words or less; if you have an event that needs to run more than one week it should be resubmitted the following week.
  • The monthly Unison (1st of the monthis for committee news, longer descriptions of upcoming classes, Religious Education, Board News, and Minister reflections.  Submissions for the Unison newsletter are due the 23rd of the month by 11 pm.
  • The UUCS Website is mostly for “static” information that isn’t updated frequently, but Worship services, a calendar, staff blogs, and event descriptions are on certain pages.  If you need to feature your event or activity on the website please attach a photograph or graphic in .jpeg format to go along with your piece.
  • UUCS Calendar items may be entered directly on the UUCS calendar by committee chairs or submitted by members via the website Calendar Form page.
  • Sunday Order of Service Announcements:  We try to print the upcoming weeks calendared events in the back of the OOS; where space permits, we will also include special event announcements, such as volunteer needs and committee undertakings.  Send requests to  If you have a lot of material and think you need a special insert, discuss with the minister or worship associate.   Deadline is Tuesday by 4:00 pm.
  • Sunday Pulpit Announcements:  for a UUCS event or news you’d like announced from the pulpit on Sunday,  write it in 35 words or less with the date and place info first and submit it to  and copy by Friday at noon before the Sunday it needs announcing.  Space for these announcements is very limited so they will be included at the discretion of the staff or reader.
  • The UUCS Facebook Group:  Members and Friends may request to join the  UUCS Facebook Group which then allows you to then make posts to the group; HOWEVER, NOT ALL UUCS MEMBERS AND FRIENDS ARE ACTIVE ON FACEBOOK, even if they are listed in the group.  While staff monitors this page, it is not considered an “official” place to post-church activities—that is, make sure you get it to the calendar if it is a dated event, as well as the Happenings and/or unison.  We also have a public page, where the UUCS calendar and special events are posted.
  • Bulletin Boards:  We have a number of Bulletin Boards available in the Fellowship Hall and the RE Wing, generally maintained by the appropriate committees.  There is also a Community Bulletin Board for non-UUCS events of interest to our community.