O Christmas Tree

Modified on: December 9, 2020

A beautiful Christmas tree was donated to us by Merike Tamm. This tree will be part of the winter solstice and Christmas Eve outdoor services. Something we can all share, decorate and admire.

Through a cooperative effort by the Worship team, the Aesthetic team and Buildings and Grounds, the tree has been placed in the church backyard. We are asking our church family to decorate the tree with natural ornaments. Stacey Jackson will be posting decorating ideas on the church Facebook page. The RE committee has encouraged to the children to create their own ornaments. We ask that you take pictures as you hang your decorations on the tree and share it on our Facebook page.

Please do not place edible decorations on the tree, these can be hung along the fence near the Hatcher House to keep squirrels from climbing the tree to eat them.


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