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Modified on: April 7, 2021

April 2021 Share the Plate Donation

Mother’s Day Bailout

April, we donate Share the Plate to the Mother’s Day Bailout, to free mothers being held before trial simply because they can’t make bail. Honor your mother by helping send a mom home to her kids! This national effort began in 2017, not just to pay bail for mothers in jail, but also with the goal of greatly increasing the release of defendants on their own recognizance (sign a written promise to appear in court as required). Approximately 100,000 women are in local U.S. jails, with a staggering two-thirds being women of color; an estimated 80 percent are mothers; and many of them (including those arrested for nonviolent offenses like changing lanes without signaling) await trial behind bars because they can’t afford to post bail. Read more at

Donate to this month’s Share the Plate here:

In addition to the over $9 billion wasted to incarcerate men and women who have not been convicted of a crime, pre-trial incarceration has catastrophic impacts on families and communities, on minority communities in particular. Black people are over two times more likely to be arrested and once arrested are twice as likely to be kept in jail before trial. (from ) Half a dozen states have reformed their cash bail systems and significantly reduced its use in the past decade. Washington, D.C. and a couple of states have eliminated the cash bail system. Our donations will help individual mothers and support the work of reforming this broken system

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