Publication Submission Instructions


  • Event must be on the calendar prior to publicizing/posting in church publications, social media, or community news media. Use ((Calendar Submission Form))
  • The Communication Team or the Minister reviews all Church publicity prior to its submittal to local news media and community publications.

Steps - 4

  1. Request space for activity by completing the Calendar Submission Form.
  2. Check Calendar to confirm your request is processed, posted and accurate.
  3. Options
  4. The Unison and the Church Website


    Subject line: the name  of the publication and your activity:

    IT IS VERY IMPORTANT to use the subject line of your email to identify the specific publication(s) in which the publicity is to appear: website, and Unison. You may have multiple destinations in your subject line. Be sure your spelling is correct.

    Body: write-up for your activity:

    Use at least amount of layout possible.

    Include a time limit so we know when to stop publicizing your information

    Church Facebook Private Group

    No email submittal process. Post to private group on your own through your FaceBook account.

    Community News Media – The Spartanburg Herald-Journal and elsewhere

    Email –

    Subject line: External and the name of your activity

    Body: publicity information for your activity, names of publications to receive publicly

  5. You will receive a confirmation email.

Publication Deadlines and Guidelines

  • Unison  Monthly email newsletter published the 1st of each month. Articles should include a telephone number or email address for responses. Email submittals to: unison@uucs.orgSubject: Unison. – Deadline is midnight the 23rd of the previous month.
  • Happenings – Weekly email newsletter published on Thursday each week. Only events taking place within two weeks of the publication date will generally be included. Announcements should be direct, brief and include a telephone number or email address for responses. Email submittals to: Subject: happenings – Deadline is Tuesday, 11 pm, before Thursday publication.
  • Church Website – Deadline is two weeks before the event. Please help us keep the website current and relevant by submitting upcoming information on your events, committees, and groups.
  • Facebook – Church Facebook private group. No deadline. Please remember to publicize your activities and events by posting them on the Church’s Facebook Group..
  • Bulletin Boards – No deadline – ongoing. If your committee or group has a bulletin board, please post your activities in a timely and attractive manner. If you need space to post material, email
  • Local News Media – Herald Journal, Deadline – please provide a few weeks.

If you have questions, contact