Upcoming Worship Services


October 9, 2022
Rev. Scott Neely – UUCS Minister

“As he stood on Chimborazo, exhausted by the climb, Humboldt absorbed the view…. Here was a man who viewed nature as a global force with corresponding climate zones across continents: a radical concept at the time, and one that still colors our understanding of ecosystems.” (Andrea Wulf, The Invention of Nature)

Vision changes the world.

Sitting on the Sidelines

October 16, 2022
Guest Speaker – Charles Mann, Founder & President of the Upstate Action Alliance

Choir: “Where the Mind Is Without Fear”

Activist Charles Mann will speak with us about his life experiences and ongoing work of redistricting advocacy and how it has shaped his understanding of our shared humanity.

Nature and Democracy

October 23, 2022
Rev. Scott Neely – UUCS Minister

BOO at the UU in Wilde Hall

“When nature is perceived as a web, its vulnerability also becomes obvious. Everything hangs together. If one thread is pulled, the whole tapestry may unravel…. He warned that humans were meddling with the climate and that this could have an unforeseeable impact on ‘future generations.’” (Andrea Wulf, The Invention of Nature)

The democracy of our interconnected world.


October 30, 2022
Rev. Scott Neely – UUCS Minister

Welcoming New Members
Talk Back Session after the service

“Humboldt was driven by a sense of wonder for the natural world—a sense of wonder that might help us today realize that we will protect only what we love.” (Andrea Wulf, The Invention of Nature)

Imagination opens us to reality.