Remembering Well 

As a culture, we may not have one over-arching way of mourning loss. Particularly for people outside of religious or other tight communities, when death comes, we may not know ways to help express our grief. And yet we all have lost, and will lose, some of those most dear to us. How can do we grieve and remember well without becoming lost ourselves?

All Kinds of Flowers

Annual Flower Communion

On June 4th we will be celebrating the 90th Anniversary of the “Flower Celebration” created by the Czech minister Rev. Norbert Čapek in 1927. In our times, how do we find Čapek’s celebration of Diversity? Can we still hope that amidst society’s deep divisions and polarizations there is beauty and unity? Please remember to bring a long-stemmed flower from your yard (or someone else’s) with you!