Upcoming Worship Services

To Be A Man

May 29, 2022
Guest Speaker – Stan Williams

Roaming Spartanburg on his bicycle, Stan Williams saves lives every day. Hear this gentle man reflect on the challenges of life, and why it matters to help each other every day.


June 5, 2022
Rev. Scott Neely – UUCS Minister

Flower Communion
Annual Meeting
Guest musicians: Bonnie-Lee Mizzell & Ted Lucktenberg (on electric violin & cello!)

 “I am excited just to be able to say this, to have these thoughts, with someone who is listening.” (A wise fool among us)

What if we told each other a story of all that has been good and even magical, to discover what the future can be?


June 12, 2022
Rev. Scott Neely – UUCS Minister

Choir anthem

“It is really just about love–being accepted, being in community–just for who you are.” (A wise fool among us)

Walk through the world upside down: the wonder and the possibility….

News from Another World

June 19, 2022
Rev. Scott Neely – UUCS Minister

Juneteenth, Father’s Day, and preparation for the Summer Solstice
Talkback session after service

“What if happily-ever-after is the freedom that we get when we are living in the world as we really are and being fully alive?” (A wise fool among us)

Reality liberates. Truth sets us free.

Summer Solstice Celebration

June 21, 2022

Back lawn of UUCS, weather permitting
6:30 pm

Celebrate the Summer Solstice, Midsummer Night, the apex of the Sun in the Northern Hemisphere. This is an evening of mischief and joy, of magic and paradox, of fools: the world turned upside down to show us more of who we really are.