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Being a caring community is an important part of our mission. Our church mission, the principles and practices of the UUA, and our congregational behavioral covenant encourage us to be the best people we can be. We strive to practice caring community … continued…

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In February 2017, the new UUCS database system, ‘Breeze’, was implemented and has also eliminated the ‘private’ login section of the website. UUCS members and friends have received a create your own member account invite via email, allowing you online access your UUCS profile. If you did not receive an invite and are a current member or friend, please email with a request for a create your account invite. You will be able to update your contact information, and locate other UUCS friends and members contact information. More info coming soon…

Know Your Church

Know your church is a reference guide to the operation of UUCS  ... read more...

Publication Help – Getting the Word Out at UUCS

To help you navigate the communication needs at UUCS, communication and publicity methods are outlined for your reference click for pdf: Getting the Word Out at UUCS

More membership support – technical

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