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Voting Matters

We are just a couple of weeks away from what is sure to be an historic election, and the news media and the candidates are in a frenzy trying to get our attention. We pause this morning and look back—seeing to learn what our experiences around voting in the past have to say about the proposition that our voting matters to the world and in this life? How is the world changed by one vote or one registration at a time?

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From Board President

Sometimes I feel mad. Mad about this election and mad about people getting shot and mad about some guy who did something somewhere else. Mostly I am mad about the things I watch on television and see on the Internet. What if a world-famous psychiatrist told me my smartphone was… Read More

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Now that October is here, let’s get moving!

  September flew by and I am trying to catch my breath from all the activity.   On Sept 20, our panel for refugees and screening of the PBS Documentary,  Defying the Nazis: The Sharps War (about two Unitarians who left country and family behind to… Read More

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Posted on: Oct 19, 2016

Service Project -  As part of our fall and Halloween festivities, RE is coordinating with the… Read More