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A Way Forward

Rev. Scott Neely - UUCS Minister
June 6, 2021 - 11:00am

On this Sunday, we will gather together again, both in person and virtually, in our Sanctuary. At each step of this pandemic, we have found our way forward together. On this Sunday, we will find it once again.

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A Circle of Friends

Rev. Scott Neely - UUCS Minister
June 13, 2021 11:00AM

What we have learned about how much we need each other.
The great arc of being that is this sacred grove and all who gather here.

June Service Theme

A Circle of Friends

“Why should we be kind to others?… Even ants and bees cooperate and take care of one another. They know that to survive they must work together…. Rather than survival of the fittest, survival of the most cooperative enables life to continue.”

“Survival of the Most Cooperative”- The Dalai Lama and Thubten Chodron, from In Praise of Great Compassion

June Share The Plate

Latinx Immigrant Support

In partnership with PASOs and a coalition of immigration advocacy groups statewide, UUCS has established a fund to provide direct assistance during the pandemic to individuals and families who are Latinx immigrants in South Carolina.


Connect through our care for one another, fellowship, and learning.


Connect through our care for one another, fellowship, and learning.


There is much we can do to help one another and our neighbors through the pandemic.

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Exploration of Faiths: Unitarian Universalists

Gratitude to the Spartanburg County Public Library and especially to Gwen Murtha for the opportunity to share about the Unitarian Universalist movement and our congregation in their Virtual Exploration of Faiths series.

Thank you to every person, whether part of our congregation or not, who makes this world more and more one in which we are Free To Love.

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