Consciousness work has been at the core of our social justice emphasis. The Consciousness team has worked diligently to offer a variety of ways in which the congregation has participated in this work.

We have had multiple congregational dialogues that have been full of rich conversations that churn things up in us in order to propel us forward. We have had several Social Justice Movie Nights where we watch a particular movie at our convenience and then come together via Zoom to have dialogue around them. All of those conversations were also very rich. Faith Taylor has offered to host a workshop Trans Identity and Experience. The Art of Social Justice Virtual Art Show was amazing.

All of these things come out of our desire to do the consciousness work that helps us truly become an anti-racist, anti-oppression, multi-cultural church. The Consciousness team is grateful for all of you who have participated in this really important work and look forward to seeing what next year holds for us all. Together, we can co-create a world that is more livable for everyone. Every event is open to everyone, so if you haven’t participated, please join us anytime!