Elevator Fund

Throughout all the challenges we have together, your love has lifted us higher. Even while much of our gathering has taken place virtually over the past year plus, work on the church facility has continued. We are closing in on a major milestone: the Wilde Hall kitchen is complete! A special “Thank You” to the Wilde Hall Task Force and to every person who has made this a reality. The kitchen marks a transformation for our church. Now that groups can cook there, Wilde Hall will become a center not only for church life, but community life as well.

With the completion of the Wilde Hall kitchen, we are moving forward with the construction of an elevator. The elevator would connect the physical heart of our building, creating safe, convenient movement between Wilde Hall and the Sanctuary foyer for us all. Over the last year, gifts and grants totaling over $156,542 have been given to create an Elevator Fund.  With a final expected cost to be approximately $170,000, another $13,458 is needed to fully fund the project. Can you help close the gap on how much is left to raise in order to see this “years in the making” goal finished?

We want to invite you, if you feel so led, to participate in this giving opportunity. Every gift, no matter how large or small, will help build an elevator for us all. Click here to view the full announcement letter that was mailed to Members and Friends in October 2020.

Give to the Elevator Campaign using the form below

Donations will support the UUCS elevator project, connecting the Sanctuary Foyer with Wilde Hall below.

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If you would like to give to the elevator campaign, you may do so by completing the online donation form OR by mailing a check to the church at:

P.O. Box 1942
Spartanburg, SC 29304-1942

Just by being a part of this congregation, each of us is already contributing our presence and energy to the life of our congregation. We are all contributors to the work of this church. There is no pressure or obligation to contribute financially to this effort. We are still in a pandemic, and this is a time of financial strain for many of us. This is a special giving opportunity, planned in coordination with our regular stewardship events such as the Annual Pledge Drive and a Spring Auction which sustain the budget of our church from year-to-year. We want everyone to know about the project and to have the opportunity to give if we so choose, without expectation or pressure if we do not.

An elevator will change the core of our church facility, creating connection and accessibility for us all. The elevator campaign is themed “Your Love Can Lift Us Higher.” Your love has lifted us and our community through the troubles of this pandemic. How much higher might we go?