There is much we can do to help one another and our neighbors through the pandemic.

Social Justice

We care for our community:

Our Social Justice team has reached out to our community partners, especially groups like TOTAL Ministries and PASOs, to ask what support would be most helpful at this time and going forward. We have also communicated with our City Manager and District Councilwoman to offer our help at any time. There will be many ways that we can help.

Please hold in mind and heart those who serve at the forefront of the pandemic–our medical and social workers, our sanitation and food distribution workers, civic leaders, and each person answering the call to serve.

To find out more about our social justice initiative and/or to become involved, please email our Social Justice Council chair Alice Sutton at


As is the custom of this church, UUCS has been doing a lot of advocacy work throughout the pandemic!

Our mask making team started making masks early in the pandemic and has continued doing so into 2021, making over 6,000 masks at this point!! We know that masks help control the spread of the coronavirus, so this has been vital work. These masks have been distributed around the Upstate and to other parts of the country. Please read the February 2021 Mask Update here!

Throughout the summer and fall, our voting justice team did a tremendous amount of work leading up to the 2020 election. They worked tirelessly getting the word out, helping voters get registered, volunteering with the Spartanburg County Board of Voter Registration and Elections and so much more.

Finally, the COVID-19 vaccine is here! There are members of our congregation who are helping us keep track of how and when to get our vaccines. Here are some resources to assist you:


We are in a time of financial uncertainty and strain. We share our gifts to benefit one another and our world, not to put anyone of us at risk. Please give when and how you can, and never when you should not. All of our gifts–gifts of care, of time, of skill, of resources–have a vital purpose.

  • Time: : This congregation is so very generous with our time. And there are so many ways we can give that gift of our time. We want to be able to connect everyone in ways that are most meaningful and match our particular gifts. One way to make that happen is to fill out the new “Interests and Skills Survey.” We hope everyone will take about 5 minutes to do that by clicking here.
  • Treasure: Many of you have asked how to give financially to the church during this time:
    • You may give to the church online here:
    • You may also mail checks (to UUCS, P.O. Box 1942, Spartanburg, SC 29304) or bring monetary gifts to the church office (contact Office Administrator Pat Landry at / 864-585-9230; Pat’s usual office hours are now M-F, 10 am-noon). All the ways to donate to UUCS, including by text, can be found here:
    • Share the Plate: Contributions may be made here:
    • Fund to Support Immigrants in. In partnership with PASOs and a coalition of immigration advocacy groups statewide, UUCS has established a fund to provide direct assistance during the pandemic to individuals and families who are Latinx immigrants in South Carolina. Many are essential workers on whom our economy and community life depend, but who have been marginalized. Providing direct support and solidarity for these immigrants has grown from our local community to a statewide effort. To date, we have served more than 1,295 individuals in more than 30 of 46 counties statewide. Please join us in offering vital support to people on whom we all depend, and who are members of our communities. You may learn more about the project and give to this fund here:

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