Your First Visit

There is no dress code at our church. Depending on the season you will find sweaters and blue jeans, shorts and T-shirts, shirts and ties, pants and blazers, skirts and blouses, or “Sunday Best” attire with even a hat or two. Whatever you wear, you will find enough people dressed as you are to feel comfortable. Ladies might want to bring a light sweater to wear if needed. Children particularly should wear comfortable clothes. They may play on the floor, work with art supplies, or go outside. Our congregation is more casual in dress than traditional Christian churches.
There are special parking places for first-time visitors as well as handicapped parking spaces within that parking lot. There is also ample parking along Henry Place and in the neighboring business lots. And there is a parking lot behind the church. If you wish to park in the rear lot, go one block past Henry Place and turn left on Wheeler Court. The entrance to the lot is just before the last house on the left on Wheeler.
Everything you will need for most services will be provided by the church. We do have some special services when we ask people to bring such things as flowers, Easter Eggs, or covered dishes. You are welcome to attend these services without bringing anything, and we always have enough extra at potlucks!
To make sure you get a good parking space and have time to settle in, we suggest you plan to arrive at least fifteen minutes before the service. However, there are always empty seats in the back.

Yes. Most of our church is on one floor with no steps or curbs. There is a large restroom which is reached from the left rear corner of the sanctuary. The lower-level room can be reached by car from the circle at the end of Wheeler Court. The driveway has recently been enlarged and improved to make it completely accessible.

Yes. Hearing devices are available on the table near the sanctuary doors. There are also large-print hymnals and large-print service bulletins (order of worship). Sometimes we have written copies of the sermon; ask ushers if they are available.

Yes. Your child may stay with you during the service. Most children attend the first part of the service and stay through the children’s story. Children are invited to attend our Religious Education (Sunday School) classes, which are held during the worship hour. Childcare is available for younger children. Our childcare workers have had complete background checks before being employed.

We begin our services welcoming to our visitors. Visitors are asked to stand ONLY if they wish too. We would very much appreciate if you would wear a plastic name tag obtained at the visitors center, so we can greet you properly before and after the service.

The UUCS minister is in the pulpit three Sundays a month. During summer months UUCS will have guest speakers at Sunday Services. If you particularly want to meet our minister on your first visit, check the Sunday schedule on our home page.

Because of the great diversity of our Sunday services, you will need to attend more than once to get a feel for who we are and what we do. Our services feature readings from many sources and traditions and there will be hymns representing these same traditions. Special musicians, both instrumental and vocal, greatly enrich our services with many types of music. Sermons and messages are also quite varied and range from the theological to the person to the humanistic. An important part of our service is our Children’s Time. In all our services there is much good will and good humor as well as serious reflection.

Religious Education (RE) classes for children, youth, and adults meet on Sundays (except in the summer). Childcare is available from 9:30 to 12:30 each Sunday. Children leave the worship service for their RE (Sunday School) classes at 11:15 (after the children’s story time during the service) A teacher walks them to their classroom, which is in the main building.


A long-standing tradition in the church is the Sunday lunch bunch. The size of the group may vary from five or six people to fifteen or twenty or even more. The group gathers in the foyer near the kitchen. The restaurant is published on the website and is also on our large wall screen in the fellowship hall. Newcomers are especially welcome and there have been those who joined our church because of the friendliness they experience at lunch.

No. We have a special category called “Friends,” who are treated as Members in every way but these: You must be a Member to vote at our congregational meetings, and you must be a Member to serve on our Board of Trustees. As a Friend, you may participate in every other way (see the section on being a Friend). But we hope you will want to join.

Planning a visit to UUCS? The submission of the online visitor form will assist the membership committee in preparation for your visit. Additional inquiries will also be answered by our Membership Committee.