UUCS By-Laws

Approved and Adopted by Congregation at Congregational Meeting March 29th, 2015

UUCS By-Laws:

  • define our church as incorporated and as a member of the Unitarian Universalist Association and the Southeast District,
  • outline congregational structure,
  • specify the requirements for membership,
  • determine responsibilities, and
  • confer authority for carrying out the church business, including standing committees, trustees, and officers.

Policies & Procedures

The Board of Trustees reviews and adopts church policies that further define and confer authority for doing the business of the church not specified or covered in the by-laws. Privacy, Membership, and fund-raising are a few of the topics.

Access to Pledge Information Policy
Background Check Policy
Committee Emails Policy
Conflict Resolution Policy
Disruptive Member Policy
Fiscal Surplus Policy
Fundraising Benefiting Outside Non-Profits Policy
Fundraising Profits Policy
Gifts of Time and Treasure Policy
Inclement Weather
Member Benefits Policy
Membership Policy
Publications and Social Media Policy
Reserve Fund Policy
Selling for Personal Profit Policy
Service Animal Policy
Undesignated Gifts Policy