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From Your President – June 2020

UUCS President

June 1, 2020

This is the last month of my Board presidency and I would like to thank this year’s Board and our numerous Committee Members for all their hard work. The church year 2019-2020 will be remembered for the start of a worldwide coronavirus pandemic which has changed all our lives. Our minister, Rev. Scott Neely, has done a masterful job of giving us virtual Sunday services on a weekly basis which will continue through most of June and into the Fall. We must also thank our sound staff, Fred Stoll and Ed Stokes who dutifully rotated Sundays to make sure our sound system was working properly, nor can we forget Andrew Cooke for the great job has done running our camera every Sunday. These live and recorded broadcasts have been extremely successful. We must also thank Anne Garner, our Ministerial Intern, for the great job that she has done over the past two years. While Anne’s official internship will end in June; she will be back in September and work at UUCS on a part-time weekly basis.

Lastly, I want to thank all our donors who continue to support us financially during these difficult times. I know that some of our members and friends businesses had been devastated with huge losses of income or even closures. Several of our members and friends have been furloughed from their jobs, while anyone with financial assets have lost thousands of dollars in their retirement portfolios. These are very difficult times; we are “blessed” and extremely fortunate to have one another.

Thank you once again for a very successful church year. I look forward to talking to you at our first Zoom Annual Meeting on Sunday, June 14.

Stay Safe,

Rick Hahnenberg
President, UUCS Board of Trustees 2019-2020

From Your President – May 2020

UUCS President

May 1, 2020

I would like to thank our minister, Rev. Scott Neely for the exceptional job that he has done with our Sunday Services as well as his work with our various Zoom group meetings. All of this work has been done over the past six weeks since we have been in a coronavirus lockdown. Scott has keep us well connected with his Sunday morning video services. Great Job Scott! If you can’t make the Sunday morning live broadcasts, you can always get the full service video on our website.

Your Board of Trustees have been busy and have approved the 2020-2021 Annual Budget beginning in July. Our Finance committee though were the ones who developed this budget, so thank you Finance for a job well done! I do want to point out though that your new Board may need to make more frequent changes then usual next year, depending on how long this coronavirus lockdown lasts. No budget could ever be made though without the generous giving from our congregants. This very successful fund drive was due to the great work from Brannon Carter our Stewardship Chair, and Linda Leible our President-Elect; their efforts and your generosity on our “Living Our Mission-Expanding Our Reach Generosity Giving Campaign raised $244,111 from only 122 pledging units. This was a record setting annual fund amount.
Thank You, Thank You Thank You!

The Mountain Retreat at the end of May has been postponed until September 2021. For the 30 people who already signed up and paid their camp fee; you can get a refund from The Mountain if you so desire. Most of our members that I am aware of have decided to just roll their paid enrollment amount toward next year event.

Now the good news; we received a generous donation for our Wilde Hall kitchen so construction can continue. Fred Stoll and Linda Leible are coordinators for this project. Due to needed funding to complete the Wilde Hall kitchen; we are opening up a kitchen fund donate button on our website. Please consider donating to it if you are able.

Lastly, we are considering moving our Sunday, June 7 Annual Meeting to a later date if we feel safe to hold this event with members in the sanctuary. We are working on the details and you will know the actual date within the next few weeks. At the time of this writing, chances of an in-person meeting seem slim. Stay safe and we truly appreciate your support during these trying times.

Peace & Love,

Rick Hahnenberg
President, UUCS Board

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