– Events run July 1st through June 30th, each fiscal year –

If your event is ‘tba’ click New Calendar Submittal” to update and get your event on the UUCS calendar.

Auction – Annually in fall (1st Saturday in December)
Blogs – Minister (weekly); President (monthly); Music (quarterly)
Book Group – 1st Wednesday’s 2:00 pm
Children and Youth Programming
Choir Group
Coffee and Conversation – Every Sunday 10:00 am
Coffeehouse – 4th Saturday of Month
Congregational Dinner (January)
Congregational Picnic (Spring & Fall)
Covenant Groups
Crafts & Conversation – 2nd Wednesday, 2:00 pm
Earth Day Festival – Spring
Fair Trade Coffee Sales – 1st Sunday 10:00 am
Lunch Bunch – Sunday, after service
Green Films – 4th Wednesday 2:00 pm
Humanist Meeting – 2nd Wednesday 7:00 pm
Newsletter – Unison (monthly/ 1st of month)
Newsletter – Happenings (weekly; Thursday)
Parents of Little Ones – tba
Souper Bowl Sunday – Winter
Sunday Worship – every Sunday 11:00 am
Evening Meditation – Wednesday, 5:30 pm
Cognitive Dissonance Group – 3rd Wednesday’s 2:00 pm