‘Breeze’ Reminders

Modified on: September 2, 2020

For UUCS Members and Friends
‘Breeze’ Reminders (Breeze is UUCS database)

If you are having a problem logging into your ‘Breeze’ (profile) account, please note that:

  • Only one account can be logged into at a time on any device. If sharing a device with another person, please log out of your account when you are done so that no one else can access your information and special access and that they can log into their account information and access.
  • Only UUCS Members and Friends have access to account information. If you are interested in becoming a UUCS Member or Friend, please email membership@uucs.org or speak to a ‘Greeter’ at the weekly Sunday service.
  • Access to ‘Breeze’ account through the UUCS website, https://uucs.org, by clicking ‘MY INFO ACCOUNT‘ located in the upper right corner of website.
  • REMINDER: The church code for the Unitarian Universalist Church of Spartanburg is ‘uusptnbg(not uucs – it is church code for UU Spokane).
  • If you are a member or friend of UUCS and need an invite, please email office@uucs.org with your request.

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