Advocacy In Voting

“Voting is power. Who has it? And who is exercising their power?

“Oftentimes I use that word ‘exercise’ when talking about democracy. I say, ‘Democracy is like a muscle—it needs to be used in order to be strong.’ My question to you, to us: ‘Are you exercising all of your power—all of your power?’ It can be scary to acknowledge your own power.” (Karen Mitchell)

Deliberate, clear, powerful & empowering: League of Women Voters-Spartanburg President and UUCS member Karen Mitchell’s sermon On Sunday, August 30, 2020, calls us to use all of our power for this election season:

    1. Pay attention

      Is our state legislature making it easier for people to vote during the pandemic? (UUCS Voting Action Team: Look for our new wayside pulpit signs and banner, coming soon. The deadline to register online to vote is Sunday, October 4, 2020, or in person, Friday, Oct. 2nd. We’ll be moving from a focus on getting people registered, to getting out the vote. For the most inspiring presentation on the importance of voting and getting out the vote, watch Rev. Barber lead this program by the poor people’s campaign:

    2. Talk about voting

      With someone different every day until the election on Nov. 3.

    3. Get out your calendar

      Mark the day when you will vote—and make time on that day for voting to be the priority, no matter how long it takes.

    4. Follow the instructions carefully when you vote

      Make it easy for the person counting to correctly count your vote.

    5. Vote early

      (Early Voting – Normally called “Absentee Voting”)

      October 5th is the Uniform Start Date for In-Person Absentee Voting

      Everyone may vote early in this year’s general election. Late on Monday, September 21, the SEC Board voted to adopt a policy that no in-person absentee voting should begin prior to October 5th.

      A voter who comes to the office of Election & Registration prior to October 5th has two options:

      1. Apply for an absentee-by-mail ballot at that time. The absentee-by-mail package can be handed to the voter or mailed to the voter.

      2. Wait until October 5th or later, return to the office, and vote absentee in person on the ballot-marking device and scanner.

      (posted by the League of Women Voters-Spartanburg County, SC)

    6. Have patience

      Decide now that you will be patient for the results to come in. It will take days, and perhaps weeks, for the count to come in. Stay focused on the facts, and be patient.

Listen to the whole meditation here—it can move us from anxiety to power in this moment:

Voter Registration

– Also we want to remind you to make sure your voter’s registration is up to date. If not, you can correct it through October 3, 2020. Just go to and you can:

    • Online Voter Registration
    • Check My Voter Registration
    • Update My Voter Registration
    • Get My Sample Ballot
    • Find My Polling Place
    • Get My Absentee Application
    • Check My Absentee Ballot
    • Check My Provisional Ballot
    • Contact My County Office is another non-partisan source of information – sponsored by the League of Women Voters. It’s a fun, interactive site.

Questions? You can contact Ruth Stanton ( or 864-909-6027)

Volunteer with Voter Registration

– UUCS Social Justice Committee is working to distribute door hangers in conjunction with the League of Women Voters to educate and inform Upstate neighbors on how to register to vote. Email to find out how you can help distribute these informational flyers in your area.

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