Your Amazing Leadership

Modified on: February 6, 2021

In partnership with Alianza Spartanburg (previously the Hispanic Alliance) and the PASOs site in Spartanburg, UUCS established a fund to provide direct assistance to individuals and families who will not receive federal assistance through the CARES Act because of their immigration status—even though they pay taxes. Even if only one family member is out of status, no one in the family will receive funds—even children who are US citizens.

The outpouring of generosity from our congregation and from the wider community has been unbelievable. In only the last three weeks, we have raised almost $12,000 for this fund. Your leadership in establishing this fund has catalyzed the United Way to set up a comparable fund, which can appeal for support even more effectively to the wider community. We are glad to be working in partnership with them.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for your amazing generosity and leadership. A 4-person team of UUCS, Alianza Spartanburg, and PASOS members meets weekly to understand needs and make distributions from the fund.

With unanimous approval from the Social Justice Council, we will continue to Share the Plate on behalf of this cause in May. You may give to this fund here: All gifts go to direct assistance for immigrant families in Spartanburg County.

Compassion & Justice

And we can do even more. A bill in the US House of Representatives would correct this wrong and provide direct economic stimulus to anyone with a taxpayer ID number.

Let us join the work of justice with our generous compassion. Call U.S. Representative William Timmons – (864) 583-3264 or click here to complete contact form online – and demand that the CARE Act stimulus checks be sent to all families regardless of immigration status.  Any family who has even just 1 household member without a Social Security Number is being denied these funds – even if they pay taxes.  Ask Rep Timmons to support H.R. 6438 to allow funds to be distributed on the basis of taxpayer identification numbers to extend care to the most vulnerable and no less deserving individuals in our nation.

You are leading our community and our nation.

You are amazing—


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