Discovering Our Powers

Some are innate. Some we learn. Some come from a wound. We all have power: use it—for good.


Flower Communion / Annual Meeting

A service in dialogue, shared between Anne Garner and Scott Neely. For Anne Garner’s last Sunday in her second year of internship with us. Though we are apart, we will celebrate Flower Communion with one another, a living symbol of our teamwork as a congregation.

Share your gift.

Summer Solstice

A crack Worship Associates team is at work on a beautiful Summer Solstice celebration, even in a pandemic, even virtually. Stay tuned for details. The Sun will rise, the Solstice will happen, and we will celebrate.

How to be a Superhero

Building on our work this month, Dr. Melissa Fritsche will share her personal reflections on superheroes in her life, traits of superheroes, and the practice of becoming one.