Modified on: December 5, 2020

In the stress and uncertainty
we are living,

breathe the wonder
of this beautiful Spring.



A Mural at UUCS: Request for Congregational Comment

In celebration of the 100th anniversary of the 19th amendment and women’s right to vote this year, the Spartanburg chapter of the League of Women Voters has commissioned a work of public art in honor of the abolitionist and suffragist leaders, Sarah and Angelina Grimké. The League would like for the mural to be at UUCS. The cost of the mural will be fully funded by the League, and it would be placed on our building facing Henry and Union Streets for maximum public viewing. Our Board has worked with the League’s leadership on design and placement, and have approved the mural in principle contingent on a comment period from our congregation. A summary of this proposal with images may be found on this webpage: https://uucs.org/the-grimke-sisters-a-mural-at-uucs/.

Please send comments on this proposal by May 15 (prior to our next Board meeting on May 20). You may send these to our Board at board@uucs.org, which all of our Board members and minister will receive.


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