Welcoming Our Guests

Modified on: April 26, 2018

In our Sunday service this weekend, we will have thirteen special guests in our midst:

  • Twelve of our guests will be participants in a Multicultural Religious Education Module our church is hosting this weekend. The vision of our Religious Education Committee and our Director of Religious Education, Sybil Argintar, this is a national UU training that we are providing to participants from across the country. Folks are traveling from as far away as California and the Northeast to take part in the workshop here. Those in attendance will have spent long hours working with the difficult question of how to develop transformative curriculum and programs for children and youth that is welcoming and connected to people of all backgrounds. As you meet them on Sunday, please thank them for the exceptional effort they are making to evolve our movement and our wider world into a place where every person is valued just as they are, where we are all learning mutually from one another.
  • The lucky thirteenth of our guests will be my father. Kirk Neely will conclude our month of celebrating Earth Day and the legacy of Josephine and Harold Hatcher by telling us stories from the garden. I grew up watering his plants; a few survived. He has some stories to tell.

Thank you for the welcome you offer every person that enters our community, a warmth like the Sun at the summit of spring.


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