These helpful links will allow leaders at UUCS to access necessary information such as how to schedule meeting room/calendar space, the newsletter submission deadline schedule & how to submit information for UUCS publications. All of this information is available to make the process run as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

Are You a UUCS committee chairperson? Click for helpful hints.

UUCS Leadership Directory if your committee/team is not on leadership directory, please email with your committee-team name, chair/lead, and definition/responsibilities

***UUCS Committee-Team Definitions/Responsibilities***

‘Breeze’ access for Committee-Teams

How to print a directory in ‘Breeze’

UUCS Calendar Entry

Volunteer Scheduling Management

Publicizing Your Activity at UUCS

‘Getting the Word Out’ (shortened printable version)

Inclement Weather Closing & Delays 

2-sided copies on HP printer (located in volunteer closet for UUCS committee-team use)

File maintenance instructions (uploading reports, pertinent UUCS documentation)

UUCS Reference documents (By-Laws, Policies, and Procedures)