Where to find forms

Electronically submitted, (blue links below) and printable pdf versions (red links below) of the forms are available on the website (below) and the Weekly ‘Happenings’ email sent to UUCS members and friends.

Hard copy forms are available in the marked folders in the Volunteer Closet.

Where to submit forms

Most forms are completed and submitted online, others allow the option of sending the completed form within an email to the appropriate committee. When completing a hard copy version of a form, please place it in the mail slot indicated on calendar form located in the Volunteer Closet.

  • Calendar Submission Form – Use this form to put your event or activity on to the Church Calendar.
  • Reimbursement Form (pdf) Use this form to request reimbursement for approved church expenses. A “Reimbursement Form” must be completed, signed by the committee chairperson, and submitted to the Treasurer along with supporting receipts for payment. Supporting receipts must include only those items purchased for the committee (no personal items). Place completed hard copy of the form with supporting documents in the Treasurer’s mail slot in the Volunteer closet.
  • Rental Application Form / Agreement – Use this form to request rental of UUCS space fee-based). Space in UUCS is available to UUCS Members and Friends for private use at a nominal fee. Also available to outside fee-paying groups. Email completed Rental Application/Agreement PDF form to office@uucs.org.
  • Repair Requests – Use this form to let us know that you noticed something at the church that needs fixing. Use the electronic form; email scanned copy of completed PDF form to buildings@uucs.org; or place completed hard copy of the form in the Building and Grounds mail slot in the Volunteer closet.