Connect through our care for one another, fellowship, and learning.


We care for one another:

  • Our Pastoral Care team has moved swiftly into action, reaching out to our most vulnerable members and friends to check in and establish contact. We are strengthening the lines of communication between us, so we can support each other. This highly organized effort has now expanded into an attempt to connect with every individual and family in our congregation.
  • DARE: This app, for download on smartphones, has free components to help when we experience anxiety or panic. If news of the pandemic and physical distancing guidance are causing you anxiety, this app has proven very helpful. Check it out, and share it with others:
  • Support for trauma during the pandemic: Click here for a selection of highlights from an article on trauma, anxiety, and coping strategies during the pandemic by psychotherapist Annie Wright. Read the full article: In it she discusses the influence of trauma in triggering anxieties and tips for coping with the coronavirus pandemic. These highlights are offered by our Pastoral Care Team to provide awareness, support, and helpful self-care strategies.
  • If you need support in any way, please connect with us directly. Check on friends and neighbors, and let us know if you learn of someone in need. We are here for each other. You can reach our minister, Scott Neely, at / 864-590-8260 and the Pastoral Care Team through Co-Chairs Joyce Harrison and Mitch Eisner (

Fellowship & Learning

We love one another. We can do much to enjoy our relationships, and even deepen them, during this time:

  • Our Director of Religious Education, Sybil Argintar, is in communication with all of our children, youth, and families, and is providing weekly RE materials for families to enjoy together at home. To reach Sybil directly, e-mail her at
  • Our Covenant Groups are connecting with their members via virtual meetings. The strength of these small groups has proven once again to be a source of resiliency, solace, and joy.
  • Our assistant minister, Anne Garner, and minister, Scott Neely, have created online social gatherings and learning spaces through which we may fellowship with one another. Join us on-line each Wednesday for a time of meditation and contemplative music, followed by a time of fellowship and connection. To take part, e-mail Anne at for the link to join us.

Wednesday Evening: Meditation & Fellowship via Zoom

  • 5:30-6:15 pm: Meditation, shared silence followed with music..

  • 6:15-7:00 pm: Social Hour, a time to see friends, check-in, and be together even when we are apart.