Now that you’ve paid us a visit, and you’ve decided you want to learn more, what’s next? Here are some suggestions for getting more involved in the congregation.

What Does It Mean to Be a Friend of the Church?

One of the advantages that come with being a Friend or Member of the church is access to the Members-and-Friends-only section of the website, where you can see the contact directory, birthday lists, and joys and concerns, among other items of interest. Friends are also invited to join the church closed Facebook Group. Friends cannot vote at our Congregational Meetings, chair a committee/team, or serve on our Board of Trustees.

Friends are defined by their:

  • ATTENDANCE at three Sunday services prior to their decision to become a FRIEND
  • COMMITMENT to active involvement in church life
  • AGREEING to be canvassed during our annual pledge campaign
  • DESIRE to be listed in the UUCS directory (optional) and receive the Unison (optional)

We also would encourage Friends to support our church during the year with their time, talents, and treasures.

If you have checked off the first three of the above criteria, we welcome you and celebrate your desire to be part of our community as a FRIEND.

Exploring UU Class – 2nd Sunday of month after Service 


Visitors can complete the online visitor form and our Membership Committee will follow up with you.