Modified on: October 26, 2017

This Sunday we will welcome new members deeper into the life of our congregation. Please come to support these souls, and All Souls, choosing with freedom and love to enter our fellowship. We will celebrate the relationship we have with one another in this community.

I have been moved this week by the words penned by long-faithful UUCS member and leader Monnie Cannon in the hymn, “This Is Your Church”:

“Come into our circle and join in our song,
we will give you our hearts and a place to belong….
We will offer you friendship, we’ll offer you joy,
we will give you acceptance the world can’t destroy.
So, take part in our fellowship, join in our search,
and you’ll always be welcome for this is your church.”

Hospitality is an ancient practice. One scholar interprets the whole of Homer’s Odyssey as a meditation on the ethics of welcoming strangers into the life of a community. Spiritual traditions around the world urge us to see in the one who stands at our door the very presence of what is Deepest and Best, and to welcome them with honor and joy.

May we so welcome one another, this Sunday and again and again, deeper into our life together.


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