Modified on: January 18, 2018

Throughout this month, we have opened our community to guests and friends both new and old, expanding our identity, growing who we are and what we do:

– We have heard Dr. Araceli Hernandez-Laroche speak about securing legal guardianship for children who may be separated from their parents due to deportation, and we have Shared the Plate to support legal clinics offered by the Spartanburg Hispanic Alliance;

– In our monthly Humanist meeting under the benevolent teaching of Mike Rainey, we have heard the distressing history of racism and nationalism that have characterized our immigration policy since we became an independent country, and we have struggled to imagine how to shape a more just and compassionate future;

– We have welcomed new members into our congregation, feeling the surge of giftedness and energy they are already sharing to build our life together;

– You have welcomed my family and me, offering us the opportunity to fuse our dreams and goals with your own; for all you have already given us, we are immensely grateful;

– In celebration of MLK Day through the leadership of Bee Brewer, Patrice Fentiman, and the Social Justice Council, more than twenty volunteers of all ages assembled more than 190 hygiene kits to be distributed through TOTAL Ministries and the Atheist Alliance to families and individuals facing financial crisis or homelessness;

– And we have welcomed the birth of a child into our community’s embrace.

This Sunday we welcome another visitor. Dr. Jason Hansen of Furman University, Professor of German History and son-in-law of Palma and Mitch Eisner, will speak with us about his travels in Germany to study that nation’s response to the global refugee crisis. What he shares will be powerful in its own right, bracing in its contrast to our nation’s policies, and inspiring as we think of our community and who we desire to be.

Please come this Sunday to welcome Jason, as we have welcomed so many more into this congregation—this month, and throughout years past, and in anticipation of years to come.

With gratitude for your ever-expanding hospitality,


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