We Care

Modified on: January 28, 2021

We care, for one another and for our community.

This Sunday we welcome New Members, and we celebrate the launch of our Annual Generosity of Giving Campaign. It is easy for churches to get lost in the numbers chase–how many members do we have, how much money have we given. When that becomes our focus, we have lost our purpose. It is important to remember why we exist, why we work so hard for our small community of faith and hope, and to stay on mission. Then even the numbers–which are important, just not our purpose–become a very useful tool to fulfill our purpose.

We care, for one another and for our community.

In the light of our purpose, we celebrate the expansion of our church team, welcoming new members who want to be a part of our transformative work, and putting in the often difficult effort to know one another, to help one another connect, and to amplify one another’s unique and very different gifts. And we share those gifts–gifts of time, skill, awareness, resources, energy, and presence–to fuel us all in the work we share. When we expand as a team and fuse our gifts–all of us on the team, and all of our different gifts–we do things in the world that matter, far beyond anything any one of us can do.

We care. For one another and for our community.

This Sunday, we will celebrate our team and our gifts:
– Celebrate our New Members by welcoming them this Sunday at 11:00 am via our livestream: https://www.youtube.com/user/uucs
– Then join in our Annual Generosity of Giving Campaign launch this Sunday at 12:30pm to celebrate our congregation’s unbelievable generosity in service and giving: https://uucs.org/stewardship/

With gratitude & awe–


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