We Can

Modified on: December 10, 2020


This Wednesday, more people in the US died of COVID-19 than died on 9/11. And yet, in the midst of this national and global tragedy, the crisis wears on, and many people we know and love act as if nothing is happening.

It is wearying. It is infuriating.

Through it all, we have what is required, within ourselves and our relationships, to continue doing what is needed in these times.

Sustain each other. Call the person who is on your mind. Share with them your care. Practice all the safety protocols even when others do not. We can do this, tired and frustrated as we may be.

“We should go forward, groping our way through the darkness, stumbling perhaps at times, and try to do what good lay in our power.” (Albert Camus, The Plague)


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