Voting Is Power

Modified on: September 3, 2020

“Voting is power. Who has it? And who is exercising their power?

“Often times I use that word ‘exercise’ when talking about democracy. I say, ‘Democracy is like a muscle—it needs to be used in order to be strong.’ My question to you, to us: ‘Are you exercising all of your power—all of your power?’ It can be scary to acknowledge your own power.” (Karen Mitchell)

Deliberate, clear, powerful & empowering: League of Women Voters-Spartanburg President and UUCS member Karen Mitchell’s sermon this past Sunday calls us to use all of our power for this election season:

  1. Pay attention: Is our state legislature making it easier for people to vote during the pandemic?
  2. Talk about voting with someone different every day until the election on Nov. 3.
  3. Get out your calendar, mark the day when you will vote—and make time on that day for voting to be the priority, no matter how long it takes.
  4. Follow the instructions carefully when you vote—make it easy for the person counting to correctly count your vote.
  5. Vote early.
  6. Have patience. Decide now that you will be patient for the results to come in. It will take days, and perhaps weeks, for the count to come in. Stay focused on the facts, and be patient.

Listen to the whole meditation here—it can move us from anxiety to power in this moment:

“Voting is power…. This is a legacy of the suffrage movement: the acknowledgement that it is ok for women to want and have power….

“Sarah and Angelina Grimké…fought for the abolition of slavery. They did not do it for how they were treated, but for how others were treated. Is there any generosity greater than that?…. Their crusade against slavery led to a second great crusade, so half the population—women—could vote. Sarah and Angelina saw, they heard, they acted. Now is the time for you, for me, for all of us, to take action. Vote. Vote early. Help others vote.”

Exercise your power–


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