Vigil in Support of Latinx Immigrants

Modified on: February 6, 2021

Vigil in Support of Latinx Immigrants

This Sunday, September 27 at 7:15 pm
In front of the Grimké Mural at UUCS
Masks required; social distancing will be practiced.

Dear friends,

This week, our partners in the Latinx community reached out to our church asking if they could hold a vigil on the grounds of UUCS. They turned to us after being turned away by a number of other locations.

Our Board has carefully vetted this request, weighing health risks and the importance of showing solidarity with our fellow community members during this historical moment. With great care, and with strict public health protocols in place, we will host the vigil this Sunday evening. Please feel welcome to attend.

On Sunday evening, September 27 at 7:15 pm, we will host a vigil in partnership with Alianza Spartanburg on the grounds of UUCS. We will gather in front of the Grimké mural. The vigil will witness to the treatment of Latinx immigrants by ICE, the separation of families by immigration authorities, and now especially to reports of forced sterilizations of women in a detention facility in Georgia ( Here is the message from the organizers:

“Families Belong Together. We invite you to come together with others as a community of hope and care this Sunday evening. We will gather outdoors at sunset for a vigil to remember and honor our immigrant neighbors, and especially families and children seeking refuge, asylum, and safety together in the United States. We are asking attendees to wear white, and encourage you to bring toys, stuffed animals, or other symbols to uplift children and families. Collectively, with our voices and lives, we join together in sorrow, in solidarity, and in hope for a world in which all families can live safely and together.”

As you know, our congregation is being extremely careful in planning and coordinating use of our building and grounds during the pandemic in order to keep everyone safe. We have suspended all regular in-person church activities for the time being. The Board reviews all requests for building use. We are a congregation and we must work together. Our highest goal is our care for one another and for our community. If you desire access to the church building or grounds for any meeting, please contact the church office so that the Board can vet your request to help you find the best and safest way to proceed in coordination with our whole congregation.

Thank you for being the people of science, compassion, solidarity, justice, and care that you are. We show up in the world in ways that matter for us all.

With gratitude,


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