Modified on: October 16, 2017

My children have remarked how much darker the mornings have become, and that the sun is setting earlier each day. We are in a time of turning, in the world and in ourselves.

From Halloween through the New Year, we are entering a season of celebration and observance, when we mark the changes of the world around us with treats and feasts and music and lights. I love this time of year; and I know too how much it can be a time of remembering those we have lost, of all we have lost. What for some of us is a time of delight can be for others of us a time of grief. I feel both of these inside me each time I pass through fall to winter. This is a season both beautiful and somber, where joy and sadness walk together.

And so I would like to ask you to tell me what is meaningful to you during this time. New to me this year is the range of ways we as a congregation will find meaning in these fall and winter celebrations, in how we will practice our deepest beliefs in their observance. You may pull me aside at the church to explain what Halloween means to you, or how you observe the Winter Solstice; we may visit over coffee or tea to share stories of Thanksgiving, or of how you have chosen a different way to express gratitude altogether; or you may e-mail me your insights about what you enjoy and what you do not in the holidays.

All thoughts are welcome. I would very much like to hear yours. It will help me as we reflect each week on the changes we are moving through together. And it will help me to know more fully who it is I am honored to turn with, deeper into the year.

With gratitude for you,

(You may e-mail me at minister@uucs.org)

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