The Work of Transformation

Modified on: June 6, 2019

In April, I shared a meditation about how painful the work of transformation can be, especially when we are the change agents in close proximity to it (audio link): “When We Don’t Belong Here” Rev. Scott Neely.

But the work of transformation can also be full of joy. This article documents the extraordinary LGBTQ Theologies event Anne Garner helped lead this May, and which is now being shared across the Southeast via LGBTQ advocacy and partner networks: What You Can Learn from LGBTQ+ Community When You Listen (June 4, 2019,

We have seen this in our Covenant Groups all year, which time and again have reached out to engage works of service and social justice in myriad ways. And this Saturday is another opportunity: NAMIWalks Upstate South Carolina will be held Saturday, June 8 on the Furman University Campus. The Walk is to raise awareness as well as funds for the National Alliance on Mental Illness. Team UU Spartanburg originated with the 4th Sunday Morning Covenant Group and all are welcome. We plan to carpool as needed from the church parking lot Saturday at 9:00M sharp. Questions? Contact Al or Pate Randall. And come.

Our congregation is doing the work of transformation multi-directionally. It is hard to keep up with it all. And it is only beginning. We have been at it for many decades, and it is only beginning. The report I shared during our Annual Meeting tries to communicate the power of this: UUCS Annual Minister Report, June 2, 2019, Rev. Scott J. Neely.

We are doing this work. When it is painful, and when it is joyful, thank you for doing it.



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