The Weight of Flowers

Modified on: May 31, 2018

This Sunday, June 3 we will celebrate our annual Flower Communion. Bring a flower with you to the service. We will gather these into a congregational arrangement, and then we will each take a flower another has brought back home with us, into the summer. This is a practice of creating and sharing the beauty of our lives with one another.

This celebration, which feels so light and free, was first observed by Maja and Norbert Čapek, founders of the Czech Unitarian movement. Separated by WWII, Norbert was arrested by the Gestapo, his books and writings confiscated. He was tortured and gassed in Dachau in 1942. In the uniqueness and impermanence of each flower, the Flower Communion reminds us of the value of every life, and of the resolve required to resist that which would devalue and destroy any life, any where.

There is a weight to the flowers we bring.

After the service, we will hold our Annual Meeting. We will celebrate our year together in the beauty of flowers; and we will look forward to the future, mindful of what the world is and who we choose to be in it.

This will be a day of beauty and resolve. Come.


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