The Power of Education in Times of Crisis

Modified on: July 9, 2020

“Education is the tool I own…and I am determined to wield this tool that I have as a teacher on behalf of not just my students, but for all of us.”

In a week when debate over education in the pandemic is rising to fever-pitch, this brilliant meditation by educator and UUCS President-elect Robin Carter speaks with energy and hope:

“With 13,000+ school districts across the US now having to navigate reopening plans without any centralized mandate or national-level coordination, it opens the door for lots of innovation. If only we have the will to pursue it, and drop the expectation of public education life going back to normal.”

Robin reflects on the revolutionary lives of the Peabody Sisters, UU women heroes who recreated public education in the early 1800s, as a call to what we can do to transform education and combat poverty through the dedication of innovative educators:

“Innovation and creativity [are] born of necessity. The Peabody Sisters’ innovation, creativity, boundary pushing–all of it–originated simply out of a need…. They used the tools they had, but not just for their own betterment. They leveraged their own talents and abilities…with an outward view and focus on society as a whole.”

Listen to this leader:

Heroes surround us—


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