The Journey Out

Modified on: June 19, 2019

This Sunday, June 30, Kelly Thorvalson of the SC Aquarium in Charleston will join us at UUCS to speak about the Sea Turtle Rescue Program. Thorvalson, who manages conservation programs at the Aquarium, has led a major expansion of the Sea Turtle Rescue efforts there. This program is designed especially for adults, an in-depth look at work that touches each of us who travel to the SC coast.

All summer we will hear from speakers who will consider what it means to journey out, to go beyond. The effort to help turtles survive and thrive on their way to the sea symbolizes how we can support one another as we each seek our future in the wide world.

Come to hear about this vital ecological work in our state, and to reflect on the care and support we can offer each other in our own journeys out.


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