The Friend

Modified on: August 1, 2018

We go out seeking, hoping to find what we lack—hunting for work, hunting for home, looking for love, looking for a way through to the life for which we long.

The way so often is full of missteps, and the path can seem so lonely. Why do others succeed where we stumble?


“On the seeker’s path, wise men and fools are one.
In this love, brothers and strangers are one.
Go on! Drink the wine of the Beloved!
In that faith, Muslims and pagans are one.”

(Rumi, Quatrain 305)

How wonderful to find fellow travelers on the road; different as we are from one another, in speech and dress and world view, to find friends along the way.

We have gone our separate paths this summer, seeking rest, seeking adventure, seeking direction, seeking the future.

How wonderful to rejoin now one another—wise fools, friendly strangers, strange friends—on this road that is our life together.

Islamic mystics call the Divine: “the Friend.” That sounds exactly right.


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