The Energy of Her Soul

Modified on: August 13, 2020

“I stand before you a convicted criminal.” (Susan B. Anthony, after her arrest for exercising her right to vote as a US citizen under the 14th Amendment in the presidential election of 1872)

Fights over citizenship; denial of the right to vote despite the promises of the Constitution; protests, slander and attacks on protesters, and arrests to stop their just actions; divisions splitting progressive movements; the dominating double legacy of patriarchy and racism; the fight to transform our lives: in this past Sunday’s service, Mary Miles embodies the heroic scale and inspiring power of Susan B. Anthony’s life. And in that life, we hear the unfinished struggle of our nation today.

In all of this, the work of organizing stands out as the critical, endless, relentless, effective work to make change reality. Anthony was a genius at it—for temperance, for women’s rights, for abolition, for citizenship, for suffrage.

“Every energy of her soul is centered upon the needs of this world. To her, work is worship. Her belief is not orthodox, but it is religious.” (Elizabeth Cady Stanton, on Susan B. Anthony)

The power contained in this life pulses through Mary Miles’s presentation. We can feel its effect on us all.

It is asking us to step forward today:


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