Guest speaker - Helen Correll

Artist and naturalist Helen Correll, who spoke with our congregation about the winter woods of Spartanburg County this January, returns to share with us about the transformations of spring and summer here in our home. Helen is a person of limitless generosity and creativity—come to hear her reflect on the beauty of this place we inhabit.

“The Wood in Spring”, Helen Correll (Audio)

Guest speaker Helen Correll is a fusion of Mary Oliver, Rudy Mancke, and Beatrix Potter—artist, naturalist, and author of The Middlewood Journal (Hub City Press), she will share with us about life in the winter woods of Spartanburg County. Exquisite, learned, practiced—we will revel in her knowledge. Follow her amazing treks in the woods that surround us at

“The Winter Woods”, Helen Correll (Audio)