Guest Speaker - Dr. Dave Damrel

This spring USC Upstate Religion professor David Damrel was a Fulbright scholar teaching Comparative Religion in Sri Lanka, a predominantly Buddhist nation at the tip of India that was just emerging from a decades-long ethnic and religious civil war. But after the horrific Easter attacks across the island, the Fulbright Commission closed in Sri Lanka and relocated his family to Central Asia. He finished his Fulbright assignment teaching in Muslim Uzbekistan, a modern nation straddling the ancient and fabled Silk Road. On Sunday he’ll reflect about religion, spirituality and the modern world at a time when people, ideas and religions meet and mix on a scale and pace unprecedented in human history.

“One Fulbright Experience, Two Silk Roads, and How To Turn a Religion Into a Person”, (audio) Remove term: Guest Speaker – Dr. Dave Damrel Guest Speaker – Dr. Dave Damrel