Peace that Creates Justice

Modified on: March 29, 2019

“I rose to speak and was greeted by hisses from the doorway, tho’ profound silence reigned thro’ the crowd within. The noise in that direction increased and I was requested by the Chairman to suspend my remarks until order could be restored. Three times was I thus interrupted…

“Now my friend, how dost thou think I bore all this? I never was favored with greater self-possession. I was perfectly calm – took up the thread of my discourse and by speaking very loud, soon succeeded in hushing down the noise of the people…” (Angelina Grimké, on her address to the Massachusetts legislature in February 1838—the first US American woman to speak before a legislative body)

The legacy of non-violence: thought, discipline, success.

“Peace that Creates Justice”, Rev. Scott Neely (Audio)

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