Kicking A Ball Under the World

Modified on: October 15, 2019

“The boys took their ball and went to the court where their father had played…. Like their father, they happily played the sacred game. The earth shook beneath their running feet. Below the earth, the Lords of Death looked around. ‘Again?’ they exclaimed. ‘Who could it be this time? Who dares disturb us by playing ball above our heads?…’ The Lords called their messengers. ‘Go tell those who play ball up there that the Lords of Death wish to see them. Tell them to come within seven days, and to bring their ball and gear so that we can play together.’” (from the Popol Vuh, sacred text of the Quiché Maya)

Game on, Lords of Death.

“Kicking A Ball Under the World”, (audio) Rev. Scott Neely

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