September – Letter from your Minister

Modified on: September 1, 2017

Dear friends,

As I enter into the life of your congregation, I have found in the words of your covenant a warm and powerful welcome. I have been moved to look up during services, as we say the covenant together, to find many of you speaking it by heart. We say:

We are a people of faith and hope.
Together we covenant:
To strive to become our better selves;
To honor both the critical mind and the generous heart;
To prove that diversity need not mean divisiveness;
And to respond to systems of violence and oppression;
With the power of a love beyond belief.

In many traditions, covenants form not only the structure but the content of enduring relationships. They are meant to offer us both direction and a flexible resiliency, so we can evolve through conflict and challenges while remaining true to one another.

Underlying these dynamics is a gift, a gift we choose over and over again to offer one another through failures and successes, a gift that keeps us centered on our purpose and adaptable with the stresses of life: the gift of love.

That is a nice thought, but love isn’t a thought. To actually live it through all life throws at us, that is a hard and constant choice. To make that choice, over and over, is indeed to live with power beyond belief.

Thank you for welcoming me into your covenant.


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