Return to Peace

Modified on: May 17, 2018

This Sunday at 11:00am, our children and youth will lead our service. They will present our congregation with a gift of their own making, a peace quilt they have created for us.

Many months ago, these young people chose as the theme of this Sunday’s morning service “Return to Peace.” This would be meaningful and appropriate at any time. But given all that has unfolded this week in Israel, Palestine, and on the Korean Peninsula, their choice of this theme seems prescient, even prophetic.

This week marked the beginning of Ramadan. To move the US Embassy to Jerusalem—a city whose name is rooted in the word “peace”—on Monday, on the eve of Islam’s holiest month, is not only politically provocative; it instigates fatal confrontations at a moment of heightened tension, summoning an adversarial image of Muslims as violent—when the very root of the word Islam itself is also “peace”. (This beautiful interview of Egyptian-American scholar Leila Ahmed—a feminist, realist, and person of vast learning—by Krista Tippett powerfully articulates the peace of Islam:

This is the world we live in, one of noble ideals and eternal aspirations, and of the craven calculations to break them.

Thank goodness our children lead us to return to peace. I am honored that they have asked me to share a meditation during the service this Sunday; I will speak about children I knew in the Gaza Strip and in Israel, many years ago.

Join us this Sunday morning. The time is right.

Shalom. Salam. Peace–


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