Hello to all RE families! (Yes, we were formerly called LFD for Lifespan Faith Development.  This position is now the DRE, Director of Religious Education and will now focus only on programs for children and youth.

Adult education will continue, but will not currently be part of the work the DRE and the RE (Religious Education) Committee manages.  I forget sometimes that not everyone knows these acronyms!

I am glad to be here! July’s schedule will be a little wonky for me, but I will do my best to be here for regular office hours on Tuesdays.  Drop-ins can be anytime between 1 – 5, and other times that day by appointment.

You can also talk with me on Sundays after RE if that works better.

Beginning in August, Tuesdays will be my regular day in the office.  I would love to meet each of you and your children/youth and will be happy to hear any suggestions or concerns you have about the program.

Sybil Argintar. UUCS DRE, dre@uucs.org

Summer 2017 RE Schedule