Fred Stoll, 2018-2019 UUCS President

July 1, 2018

Dear Members and Friends,

It’s July, when the pace of church activities slows. But as we begin the new church year, we are in a good position of strength, with a newly ordained minister, and some budget surplus from the past year. We are blessed to have effective staff and committee leadership in areas too numerous to list, and I feel a positive spirit within the congregation.
I am excited about many things from last year which promise to be even stronger this year, for example: A robust RE program; Increasing Adult RE programming; Lots of music and musicians in our services; Progress by the Wilde Hall Task Force; Improvements to our Covenant Group program including a strengthened service component; Live video-streaming of our services on the internet; Another successful Earth Day Festival; A strong share-the-plate program; A new Social Justice Council; A calendar of fun, community-building social events/meals; and of course inspiring sermons. Sooner or later I’ll try the Wednesday meditation!
Here are a few suggestions for interfacing with the church:

  • Concerns or input regarding our facilities, including safety, should be brought to the Board of Trustees.
  • Concerns or input regarding an area of ministry should be brought to the Committee on Ministry.
  • The bulletin boards in the Fellowship Hall are maintained with a lot of information about church resources and activities – take a little time to look!
  • The UUCS web site can answer many questions you might have about church operations and activities – take a little time to explore!
  • The BREEZE link on the web site (and the BREEZE smart-phone application) gives you, among other things, instant access to member and friend contact information.
  • If you are looking for ways to get involved, we will hold our annual Volunteer Fair in September.

In peace and love,

Fred Stoll, 2018-2019 UUCS Board of Trustees President


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