Pictorial Directory

Modified on: March 20, 2021

Dear UUCS Members & Friends,

A team of church members has developed a pictorial directory to help us all know one another better. This directory has been painstakingly compiled from submitted and publicly available pictures researched by the team, including some from the previous directory from more than a decade ago! The directory is password protected for privacy. It may be viewed here. If you are a member or friend who does not have the password, please e-mail office@uucs.org to receive it.

Since September 2020, 3 people have let us know they do not want their picture included in the directory, and we have honored their request. 119 people have indicated that they do want to be included. However, we still have not heard either way from more than 128 people. We want to protect everyone’s privacy, and we want to include as many people as possible in the directory so it is as useful as possible. This is a wonderful way for us to know one another better, especially during the pandemic.

Following the church policy adopted in 2015 for password protected, private publications, we ask that you please tell us if you do not want to have your picture included in the directory. If we do not hear from you by March 7, we will include your picture until you indicate otherwise. E-mail photo@uucs.org telling us not to include your picture. You may ask to have your picture excluded or removed from the directory at any time. You may also submit a new picture of yourself at any time. Just e-mail your picture to photo@uucs.org.

We encourage you to upload your picture to Breeze as well, and update your Breeze profile anytime you have a change of address or phone number. This is extremely helpful to keep our records current so we can stay in touch with you. If you need assistance, please contact office@uucs.org.

Thank you to everyone who has made this project possible. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to me (minister@uucs.org).

On behalf of the pictorial directory team—

Scott Neely

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